5 of the Best LinkedIn Strategies for 2023

Published: January 10, 2023

Made a New Year’s resolution to grow your business in 2023? 

We know it can feel overwhelming when it comes to thinking about marketing your biz on social media. Some of the common hurdles to getting started include considering:

-How should you write for LinkedIn?

-How do you build your reach on LinkedIn?

-How should you use hashtags on LinkedIn?

This blog will bring clear and actionable Linkedin strategies for 2023 that address all of the above and more to help you get started on your LinkedIn journey with confidence. From how to post to how the LinkedIn algorithm works, here are 5 of the best LinkedIn strategies for 2023. Get ready to reap the benefits of being an active member of the world’s biggest business social network.


1. Write Scroll-Stopping LinkedIn Posts

What are 5 of the Best LinkedIn Strategies for 2023?
What are 5 of the Best LinkedIn Strategies for 2023?
Did you know that every 6 seconds, someone creates a new social media account?
With account users spending on average of 140 minutes on social media every day, social media strategies are a must-have skill for businesses and brands.

A good LinkedIn post needs a powerful ‘hook’ – a sentence or two that stops people from scrolling and makes them want to read your post, just like our fact about social media usage above. Using ‘you’ in the first line of your hook can help to draw in readers. Next, continue your post with a solid and interesting story. 

Wrap up your post with a closed question to engage people. And hey, who HASN’T noticed a typo after they hit ‘post’? We’ve all been there, so no sweat- just wait at least 10 minutes before editing your post to keep the LinkedIn algorithm happy.

Before putting your heart and soul into writing your LinkedIn posts, decide what tone of voice you will use with your LinkedIn business audience and stick with it. You can write in a relaxed, conversational style, but excellent grammar and spelling are a must. Try not to get too sucked into what everyone else is writing- you be you! 

When it comes to topics to write about in your LinkedIn posts, the sky is the limit. Rather than directly posting about business, focus on grabbing people’s attention with various topics. Before writing your post, ask yourself: ‘Would I find this interesting and stop to read it?’. 

Consistency is key when it comes to posting on LinkedIn. Aim to post 2-3 times per week and stick to 1200-1600 characters per post. LinkedIn doesn’t take kindly to big breaks from posting; if you take a break from posting for a month or more, those posts will drop in their reach by 30% when you start posting again. 

Keep a record of ideas for your posts in a notebook or an app when inspiration strikes. You’ll thank us later when you have a juicy bank of content ideas for your LinkedIn posts for 2023 ready to go.

2. Remember, it’s not all about YOU. LinkedIn is a Community.

Remember, its not all about YOU. LinkedIn is a Community.
Remember, its not all about YOU. LinkedIn is a Community.

An effective LinkedIn strategy for 2023 requires more than just posting alone. LinkedIn is all about building your business network – which requires time and active engagement. So now you’ve made your content schedule for Q1 for your LinkedIn posts, it’s time to allocate time every week to nurture those posts, reply to comments and make new connections. 

Make sure you also interact with other people’s posts that interest you. You’ll not only be connecting with new professional acquaintances; when you engage with at least three other posts from people in your network, it rewards you with a 20% boost in your reach. Even just liking posts on LinkedIn has a ripple effect increasing the likelihood of seeing more posts from that specific author. 

The LinkedIn algorithm shows you more of the content you’re already consuming, meaning that after a few weeks of actively engaging on LinkedIn, you may notice that the same people’s posts are repeatedly showing up on your feed. When you make a new connection on LinkedIn, you can expect all their posts to show up on your feed for the next two weeks. When you like someone’s post, it increases the chance of seeing their next post by 30%.

Remember, It works the other way, too, so keep writing crowd-pleasing posts that get people tapping the like button.

3. Commenting on LinkedIn is a Two-Way Street

Commenting on LinkedIn is a Two-Way Street
Commenting on LinkedIn is a Two-Way Street

After crafting an exceptional LinkedIn post, tempting though it is, DON’T comment on it yourself in an attempt to boost engagement. It will have the opposite effect and slow down your reach. It IS worth sticking around for an hour or so after you post, though, because replies to comments within an hour will extend your reach by 20%. 

LinkedIn prefers comments that contain 12 words or more. When you comment on someone else post, the chances of seeing their next post go up by a whopping 70%. In the same way, when someone comments on your post, they are 70% more likely to see your next post, putting you and your content in front of your audience. All that effort into creating killer LinkedIn posts is worth it!

Remember that consistency is critical. Don’t skip a scheduled day of content; keep commenting and replying to comments on your posts. Remember that every comment you receive boosts your reach by 4% AND rewards the person who commented with a 3% increase in theirs too. It’s a two-way street, people!

4. LinkedIn (Kind of) Loves a Selfie!

LinkedIn (Kind of) Loves a Selfie!
LinkedIn (Kind of) Loves a Selfie!

There has been much debate about whether LinkedIn is the place for selfies. While we don’t recommend using one as a profile picture (#LinkedInisnotFacebook), the fact is that posts that contain a photo tend to dominate the LinkedIn feed as they are more eye-catching than posts that contain only text. A photo post has a good chance of stopping the scroll and getting people to engage. 

As creatures wired for connection, selfies are even more likely to grab our attention because they show people’s human side. Once you have built up your LinkedIn community and people know your voice through your regular posts, a tasteful, purposeful, and interesting selfie can help people put a face to your name. We all like to know who we are dealing with online, so a selfie can make you more relatable. 

A well-thought-through selfie can get up to 3x more engagement than other posts- that’s 25% more reach! If you’re going to go for it, make sure your selfie is a good quality and attractive photo of you- no silly faces here or pouts, please! Your selfie should be related to what you’re writing about in your post and should be interesting. An eye-catching background or a selfie of you doing something out of the norm could be even more impactful.

5. LinkedIn Hashtags For the Win

LinkedIn Hashtags For the Win
LinkedIn Hashtags For the Win

Linkedin strategies for 2023 is built for organic reach because, as we’ve already established, whenever anyone comments on one of your posts, they show their audience and network your content. Using hashtags on LinkedIn is another way to solidify your brand further, build a loyal following, showcase your skills and establish your credibility as a professional.

The LinkedIn algorithm favours hashtags. LinkedIn’s hashtag strategy is unique to other platforms, so learning how to use hashtags effectively is vital as the platform evolves.

Use more than three and less than ten hashtags, and always add them to the end of your post to maintain professionalism. Research what hashtags people follow by using the search bar at the top of your LinkedIn page. 

Aim for a mix of broad-themed hashtags (those with a bigger following) and a couple of more niche ones (those with fewer people following)- and then it’s a case of trial and error. Test out the hashtags and see what works for you.

Initially, it may not seem like the hashtags you’re using are increasing your engagement, but even if this is the case, carefully chosen hashtags can help people understand who you are and what you do. 

Your content pillars are ideal for using as your hashtags. Your content pillars are words that align with the vision and mission of your brand; for example, if you are a business coach, your content pillar hashtags could include #entrepreneurs, #productivity, and #business. Continue to use your hashtags to build your name and start meaningful connections.

Creating a relevant personal hashtag should also be part of your LinkedIn strategy for 2023. You could use your name, brand, or slogan but remember, a personal hashtag needs to be unique, short, crisp, and memorable. 

Check no one else is already using it by using the search bar. Now it’s time to test your hashtags out until you see which one sticks. Don’t spam people by asking them directly to follow your personal hashtag. Instead, add a call-to-action to your posts to invite people to follow your hashtag by promising something of value, like: ‘Follow #empoweredenglish for all our new content-creation tips for 2023’.

Finally, when tagging other people on LinkedIn, remember that tagging someone who doesn’t engage with your post will slow down your reach- so think before you tag.

Are You Ready to Implement These 5 LinkedIn Strategies in 2023?

With over 800 million users worldwide, LinkedIn has more predictions for rapid growth in 2023. If you nurture your relationship with the platform with care and attention, it can be a goldmine resource for research, connections, and finding talent or jobs. 

But- let’s get real; after reading this, ask yourself: Are you making the most of the opportunities on LinkedIn? 

If the answer’s no, then 2023 should be the year that you start.

If you’re reading this but thinking you don’t have time to do all this, we have good news. At Empowered English, we help businesses like yours expand reach and revenue by creating bespoke LinkedIn strategies, writing impactful words, and automating and scheduling your posts for you. 

Your LinkedIn strategy for 2023 just got a whole lot easier! Sit back, and let us grow your audience for you.

Contact us to find out more. 

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