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  Welcome to Empowered English – we turn words into magical tales.

Captivate your audience and make them stop scrolling for a second. At Empowered English, we’re wordsmiths that come with a content writing strategy and turn your content into conversions.

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From article content writing to fancy writing, content creation to web content writing, we’re here to help. Whatever your business and whatever the topic, we know how to speak your audience’s language and spread the word without writing a load of waffle or filler.

As your partners in success, we take the time to understand your brand and target to create content that resonates and converts to leads. We’re not satisfied until you’re seeing the results you want.
For writing that inspires and captures the eyes of your audience, you need Empowered English. With a team of copywriting experts creating content behind the scenes, we write content that sends people directly to you.

Want to smash those sales or drive the discussion? 

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Craft Compelling Content That Converts To Clicks


Gone are the days of clickbait headlines and gimmicky tactics to lure in readers. Today’s audience demands authenticity, value, and relevance. As a content writing agency, we understand the importance of crafting snazzy content that engages, informs, and entertains your audience, without resorting to repetitive writing and cheap tricks.

Our professional blog and website content writers know all about creating good content that’s witty and resonates with your audience to build trust and establish your brand as an authority in your industry.



From social media posts for a content creator to fancy writing for an artisanal brand or industry writing on a technical topic, we’ll help you generate more clicks, drive traffic, and increase lead generation. We ensure that every piece of content we create is perfectly crafted to fit into your content square, whether it’s a blog post, social media update, or website copy.

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We Write Content That Packs A Punch

Not sure how to write content that gets your audience to click? Creating a content strategy to attract your audience but not sure how? Empowered English isn’t your average content writing agency — we infuse personality, humour and pizzazz into every piece of content we write with your voice in mind.
Our team of expert copywriters are wizards at crafting content that engages, entertains, and informs your audience. We create content that speaks directly to your audience, captures their attention, and gets them to take action. From website content to blog articles, social media posts to SEO content, we have the expertise and creativity to help your business thrive.
We take a customized approach to content writing, tailoring each piece to your brand voice, target audience, and unique goals. Whether you need witty and humorous content for social media or informative and authoritative content for a B2B audience, we create content that shines.
Need content writing services UK-based that speak to your audience and converts them to loyal customers? Speak with us today.

Wordsmith Wizardry With Our
Content Writing Services

Blog writing, SEO content writing, content creation, unleash your inner wordsmith wizard and charm your audience with witty and engaging content written by Empowered English. Our team of content writers know how to leave your audience spellbound. Let us help create writing magic for you.

Content Writing Services

Blog & Article Content Writing

Need an article that informs your audience about your industry area? Want to craft a thinkpiece for your blog that displays your area of expertise? Whatever the topic, we’ll write it and make it sound like you, too. From informative how-to guides to thought-provoking opinion pieces, our content writing informs and inspires.

Content Creation

Your content needs to leave a lasting impression from the first word. That’s where we come in. Our expert content writers know how to whip up content that gets likes and shares. We’ll make sure your content stands out in the crowded arena of social media.

Content Strategy

We’ll help you create a content strategy that’s tailored to your business goals and your audience’s needs. We guide you through the process, from brainstorming ideas to mapping out a schedule and writing posts. Creating a content strategy is easy with us.

Creative Writing

Looking to create a masterpiece? We’ll use our descriptive writing creativity to bring your brand to life, to tell your story with content writing that’s compelling and memorable. Whether it’s a tagline, a slogan, or a whole website, we’ll make sure your creative writing is a work of art.

Web Content Writing

Your web content needs to last longer than a day to bring in the leads. That’s why you get a dedicated website content writer to create content that’s not only engaging and informative but also SEO-friendly and optimized for conversions.


Ready to create spellbinding content?

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Speak Volumes With Empowered English

Why settle for lacklustre writing when you can have content that pops and sizzles? At our content writing agency, we don’t just write words – we craft the story you want to tell with the vision you have in mind. With content writers who know how to turn bulletpoints into engaging content that enthralls, you’ll be smashing the sales in no time.

What do we bring to the table?

Here’s a few things we can do for you:
  • Understand your brand and target audience to create content specifically for you.
  • Balance SEO with Google readability for maximum impact.
  • A team of creative and witty content writers who make your content stand out from the crowd.



If you want content that speaks volumes and drives results, look no further than Empowered English. You’ll get a content writer, UK-based with native English fluency to create impeccably written content.

Want content writing that isn’t filler? Drop us a line today to discuss your needs.


You can write your own content but do you have the time or expertise? Save yourself the headache and work with expert content writers who understand your business, tone of voice and create something fantastic for you.
Instead of rushing the creative process, we take the time to understand your brand and target audience, craft the perfect message, and refine it until it’s just right. That being said, we always strive to deliver your content in a timely manner, without sacrificing on writing quality.
Our content writing services are high-quality and engaging and we will work closely with you to develop a content strategy that aligns with your goals and target audience. We’ll revise the content as needed to help you see the best possible results.