Creating Personalised Blog Briefs For Businesses: A Case Study

Published: July 11, 2023

Creating a comprehensive creative brief is vital in the content writing process for brand strategy. 

It’s important to recognise that not all writers are copywriters who know the craft of online visibility in a highly competitive market. To ensure the creation of industry-leading content, many businesses will require a well-crafted guide to writing blog briefs. Providing a comprehensive content brief serves as an indispensable tool and empowers writers to produce exceptional content that aligns with industry standards and resonates with their target audience. 

Customised blog briefs and templates offer a tailored framework specific to the business objectives that allows them to maintain their brand’s tone of voice and industry expertise while adhering to essential SEO practices. With personalised blog templates from Empowered English, brands can confidently create content that meets their niche requirements while getting the most out of their online presence.

Case Study: The London Dental Institute


Our work at the London Dental Institute (LDi) has been centred on delivering engaging content for their website, targeting a specific audience of dental professionals seeking to specialise in various branches of dentistry. 
The LDi is dedicated to offering dental professionals the latest advancements in practical education worldwide. In a landscape marked by evolving dental practices and increasing patient expectations, the LDi provides a range of postgraduate courses designed to equip dentists with the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver exceptional patient care. 
By working closely with the LDi, we support their mission of empowering dental professionals with high-quality education and staying at the forefront of dental innovation.

Content Conundrum: Specialist Blog Briefs

Content Conundrum: Specialist Blogs For Informative Content
When clients rely on subject matter experts to do their writing, it can mean that they miss opportunities for sales and conversions. Having workflows around comprehensive blog briefs helps solve this conundrum.

While we’ve worked with the London Dental Institute on a range of content writing projects, they already have a team of dental experts writing for them. When it comes to blogs, for instance, the LDi chooses industry relevant topics that require an incredibly specialist understanding – not work for your average copywriter! As a result, their team of dental professionals also writes blogs and articles to share their expertise.

However, dentists aren’t copywriters and, although the LDi has published high-quality, well-written content, it wasn’t reaching the desired audience. From an SEO performance standpoint, LDi’s blogs weren’t optimised to rank higher on Google searches. Understandably, this lowered LDi’s chances of being seen by potential students. There were things missing: meta tags, images, captions, optimised titles, and call-to-actions were frequently left out of the page. The blogs were specialist, but lacked that depth that a reader might be looking for. They didn’t show up on Google search results and they weren’t driving conversions.

That’s where we came in.

Enhancing Online Visibility: Introducing a Personalised Blog Brief Template For Optimised Content Creation

Enhancing Online Visibility: Introducing a Personalised Blog Brief Template For Optimised Content Creation
Getting the basics of SEO and formatting right will help your visibility, and it starts with blog briefs.

To maximise online visibility and reach, we developed a specialised brief template for LDI’s blog authors. This template not only ensures keyword optimisation but also aligns with SEO standards, increasing the chances of their blogs ranking higher in search engine results. We provided a checklist, and gave helpful instructions on how to write meta descriptions, image captions, and call to actions that work.

While generic blog templates from sources like HubSpot exist, our solution was tailored specifically to LDI’s unique requirements, helping their dentists learn the basics that we deemed to be crucial for their audience. We focused on providing straightforward guidance and instructions that were directed at their goals, enabling LDi authors to write precisely and effectively. 

With our customised template, LDi can now create impactful content that resonates with its target audience of dental professionals and boosts the organisation’s online presence and course sign-up.

How We Create Custom Template Blog Briefs

How We Created A Custom Blog Brief Template
How we created a custom blog brief template for London Dental Institute.

Creating a customised blog brief template was a collaborative endeavour that involved careful consideration of LDi’s specific needs around blog writing. Taking their dental expertise and professional education tone of voice into consideration, we tailored the template to their USP and goals for their blog content. We put all this information together and compiled a comprehensive template that encompassed key elements such as purpose, tone, style, and formatting guidelines.

By incorporating sections for keyword research and SEO optimisation we gave LDi a blueprint to create and maintain a strong online presence and improve visibility while keeping their values intact. Additionally, we provided clear instructions and examples to facilitate the writing process.

We also included an example of how their blog could be laid out with annotations, including the headings to use, where to insert internal links, anchor text and a call to action. For businesses who aren’t familiar with the scope of blog optimisation, it’s important to keep blog template guides clear, concise and straightforward.

Remarkable Results with Blog Briefs

Remarkable Results
 A blog brief helps you ensure the best results from your writing team.

Using a tailored blog brief template yielded remarkable results for LDi. With a template in place to guide their dental blog content, the content writing process became significantly streamlined. 

Using our guidelines, the blogs are consistent in their messaging and tone. Integrating keyword research and SEO optimisation has resulted in a higher ranking on search engine results pages. 

By creating a personalised blog template for LDi, their writers have been able to infuse their professional dental and healthcare expertise alongside their specific brand voice into their blogs. This has allowed them to establish a strong connection with their target audience of dentists looking for further education and professional development.

Creating a blog brief template contributed to heightened engagement for LDi with improved brand visibility, an engaged audience and an increase in sign-ups to their professional dental courses.

Looking to get your writing back on track? Let’s begin with creating a personalised blog guide for you. Talk to the team at Empowered English now and discover how we can start getting you on track to creating content that maximises your returns.

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