Empowered English

We write amazing stuff that earns you money.

That's it.

Our specialty is writing that works for you and generates you actual returns. We're not about flowery language and we don't give you filler.

We never plagiarise and we never outsource.

We're just a team of good writers who get stuff done and understand the power of a well written sentence.

Whether you're looking for succinct copy with a sales punch,
or outstanding content that brings your next customer to your web page, we can do it.

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Social media?

Oooh we love those!


That's our jam!

Online courses?

You got it, boss.

Hi I'm Holly, the founder of

Empowered English.

This was actually my mum’s idea.

When I was younger I was one of those annoying kids who corrected your apostrophes.

Then when I grew up, I started working as a consultant. I got handed a huge stack of information to learn and it was terrible. Illegible even!

With misspellings and sentences so badly written they could mean two things, it was so frustrating.

So I started to rewrite them. I used that experience to get a couple of jobs, then those clients came back with more. I got a team. That was a few years ago now, and here we are.

The best bit?

I love it. I love every
part of writing for you.
This really is the
job for me.

Thanks mum!

Who we've worked with

Our team



Holly is our sales person, marketing manager, accountant and business development leader. She is in charge of onboarding our new clients and making sure that every piece of work we submit meets the high standards our customers deserve.



Flo is responsible for all things administration and general management at Empowered English. She manages and develops internal operations at Empowered English as well as working with the team to continue the growth of Empowered English as a business. Flo also teaches online classes.




Braulio is in charge of our accounting and the technical details of a project. If you've got a spreadsheet, a large document or a grand project timeline, Braulio will be working behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly.



Our fantastic writer, resident playwright and actor, Lewis brings a creative spark to Empowered English. Delivering outstanding written work is Lewis' passion, and his focus is on providing creative excellence.



As one of our writers, Bushra brings a touch of creativity and attention to detail to her work. An avid reader and freelance book photographer, her love of literature results in weaving a compelling narrative into copywriting for superb and engaging storytelling.

A Great Content Agency That Makes Sales


Too short on time to write long-form content? We know your time is valuable but so is marketing. Writing sharp and snazzy content to drive traffic to your website takes you away from your business. If you want content that packs a punch, we're the best content writing agency for you.

Content Writing Websites, Blogs, Articles and More

From writing blogs and articles to engage your audience to web content that spreads the word, we’re here to help. There are plenty of content writing agencies who promise the world but we’re the ones who know how to speak your audience’s language — and Google’s.
Empowered English is a content writing agency, London-area and beyond, with a professional team dedicated to content writing. You need content that sells — we write content that smashes the sales. It’s that simple.
Ready to work with a quality content agency to help your business grow?

Create Clicks Without the Click Bait

It’s tempting to create content with a cliffhanger
opening line to get people to tap on your website or post. That strategy no longer works. Today’s audience is smarter and more in tune with ignoring content that’s going for the hard sell. Having great content that prompts your audience to act without imposing requires skill and knowledge of content writing.

With a great content writing service, your business can thrive with increased traffic and better lead generation. Whether you need website content or a blog articles writing service, build trust and credibility with your audience.

Drop us a line today to discuss how we can help you generate more clicks.

Not Your Average Content Writing Agency

Your business goals are unique — finding the right fit for your website needs a website content writing agency that understands. With content writing, you’re looking to inform and showcase your expertise in the industry.

To be a leading authority and reliable source of information to Google, it’s essential you have well-written content that talks about all areas of your industry.
In doing so, Google ranks your business as someone who has lots of knowledge and experience to share and shows you as the go-to website to learn more.
As a content writing company, we eat, sleep and breathe content that ranks high on Google so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Whether it’s web content, a blog or social media copy, we deliver high-quality content that’s driven by audience research, your tone of voice and added value that makes your business stand out.
Ready to add value to your business?

What Do Our Content Agency Copywriting Services Deliver?

We’ll get straight to the point.
We deliver content writing that reads well, sounds amazing and makes sales. It’s that simple. Website writing plays a pivotal role in your business. It can be the difference between someone browsing your website out of interest to pressing Buy or making that call to you.
With a team of professional copywriters who have experience in writing on just about any topic, maximise your impact with our content copywriting services. We’re dedicated to content writing website and blog content, so you can speak to your audience without using filler, flowery language or waffle.

We’re a content writing agency that drives traffic to your business and connects you directly to your customers.

Content Writing Services:

Want to know how to create a customer connection?

Read Well On Google:

SEO Content Writing Agency

Well-written and high-performing content is the master key to unlocking your website potential and driving your audience directly to you. With Google being the world’s largest search engine, it’s essential that your website ranks as highly as possible for the best results.

The key? Our SEO Content writing service for better positioning

Research shows that websites ranked in the #1 position on Google search results have a 25% clickthrough rate. To achieve this, you need SEO or search engine optimisation. When users search on Google, they enter search terms into the search box. These search terms are also known as keywords.
By incorporating keywords into content writing, websites rank higher on Google. As a result, a highly-ranked website ends up with more leads and revenue with SEO content than without it.
Grab attention from Google and your audience with our SEO content writing service. We’ll have you ranked up high without stuffing your content with keywords. With our razor-sharp skills, you’ll reach potential customers that see you as someone who holds the key to their search.
Want to discuss our SEO content writing service?

Contact us to see how we can help.


We are a content writing and copywriting services agency. So whether you’re looking for a content or copywriting service, or even both, we can help you with all your marketing needs.
Content writing is mostly web-based. The content’s general focus is on educating, informing and being knowledgeable on your chosen topic or industry area. The aim is to establish authority and build credibility. Most content writing tends to be in long-form.

Copywriting is written in a way that’s designed to persuade the reader. Writing copy has mostly taken place on TV, in magazines and on billboards. Copywriting has its place on the internet, especially as web copy.

If you’re looking for copywriter services, content writing services or both, get in touch with us.
Yes, we offer a copywriting service for web-based copy. Our copywriter service delivers sharp, snazzy and creative copy that’s guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser. All our writing services are tailored to your needs — contact us to discuss our copywriting and content writing rates.